Cigna Health Insurance, is it accepted by Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers?

Cigna is a very common private health insurance that individuals opt in for with their employers or purchased privately. Cigna started in 1982 and insurances nearly 95 million people world-wide. Their corporate policy is to treat individuals enrolled with the highest level of care and empathy. Their plans often include drug and alcohol detox, as well as long-term treatment stays. can help you find Detox Center’s that accept Cigna Health Insurance nationally.

Does Insurance Cover Detox?

Detox is a vital part to a person getting sober. Individuals who continue to use drugs and alcohol and form a dependency are at risk of affecting their health. Since the addiction has been classified by the US as a disease most health insurance companies will cover it. If you find that your insurance company won’t cover a stay at a Detox Center you can contact a state funded detox program.

What Can I Expect At a Detox Stay?

Depending on the length of time using a substance and the type of substance used a typically Detox stay can range from 3 to 7 days. In some more severe cases individuals may stay as long as 10 days. Licensed medical professionals will treat you for your withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the substance used, medication can be used to treat uncomfortably or health risks. You can typically rest assure that a licensed Detox Center will make sure you detox safely and comfortably.