Using innovative recovery strategies, heals those who have been unable to overcome heroin addiction in other programs.

Our evidence-based heroin addiction treatment was designed with the heroin addict’s distinctive needs and lifestyle in mind. With extra one-on-one counseling, we administer heroin addiction treatment in a fluid and responsive way that honors our clients’ wide array of experiences and emotional challenges.

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Turning suffering into healing

Any effective heroin addiction treatment must confront the profound changes in brain chemistry that result from long-term opiate use. And although these changes are most apparent during the terrible withdrawal process, the heroin user needs long-term relief as well. This is why our heroin addiction treatment helps clients grapple with the future as well as the past, so they can see past suffering as a springboard to a satisfying future they now envision.

For a variety of physiological and psychosocial reasons, heroin abuse brings with it a distinct and insular lifestyle. Most addicts eventually develop a profound mistrust of the sober world, and see it as shallow and dishonest. This can be a huge obstacle to recovery, as the addict continues to feel alienated, suspicious, and alone. provides a warm embrace that helps clients remake themselves and find a comfortable way to integrate into the outside world.

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