’s Women’s Programs offer unique therapies and one-on-one counseling to achieve a higher success rate.

At we offer gender-specific tracks to keep clients protected and focused, and maximize recovery. Our Women’s Programs address the unique needs of women. It combines more individual counseling with specialized therapies that help women get past the causes and devastation of their disease. The program works for women who have tried and failed in other programs.

Men and women experience addiction differently. Women’s bodies become dependent on drugs and alcohol at faster rates and at lower levels of use, and research shows that their chance of relapse is higher. Perhaps unfairly, addicted women often face greater stigma than men, leading to intense guilt and shame and making recovery harder. Women are the fastest-growing population of substance abusers in the U.S. but, alarmingly, they’re less likely than men to get addiction treatment. Some can’t afford it, some are afraid, some have family obligations that get in the way. We help women overcome these barriers.

Treatment just for women’s Women’s Program is a safe-haven for women struggling with substance abuse. We believe in healing the whole person, with special trauma treatments, an eating disorder assessment, nutrition counseling, genetic and hormonal testing, dental care and smoking cessation, bloodwork, and a physical therapy assessment.

One of our distinct programs is Hero Work, a type of narrative reframing where women discover their own heroic qualities, which help restore their self-esteem, strength, and guide them in their life journey. Our clients thrive in this highly immersed program that transforms the victim mentality into the hero.

Find the strength to succeed

Clients participate in three individual counseling sessions a week, along with our unique groups and therapies, such as meditation, journaling, storytelling, art therapy, qi gong, yoga, transformational breathwork, photography, and sacred outings. Combined, these therapies create holistic healing unlike any other rehab program. They create greater self-worth, improve human connections, and increase each client’s power and purpose.

If you’re a woman struggling with an addiction and you don’t know where to turn, call today. Our Women’s Program will give you your life back.