Sculpting a New You with Addiction Art Therapy Programs

Written By Detoxes - January 18th, 2017
Sculpting a New You with Addiction Art Therapy Programs

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There is no secretive magic pill or one therapy to cure all addictions. It just isn’t feasible. Yes, addiction is a disease but it is a disease that affects each individual separately and personally. For every kind of addiction, there are tens times a number of causes for that addiction. Since there are so many factors at play when it comes to addiction, there isn’t one cure-all for addiction. For this reason, instead of one method of treatment that may not include every patient’s best interest, there has been a multitude of different addiction treatment options implemented throughout rehab facilities. Art therapy programs are an example of an alternative approach to addiction therapy that is gaining popularity based on their effectiveness.

What are Art Therapy Programs?

When people think of rehab, they think of detoxing patients going through withdrawal. Although this is a necessary part of treatment, it is not the sole step in becoming confident enough to live a life of sobriety. After detox, patients in treatment must learn how to reshape their lives so that they do not return to the same lifestyle prior to treatment. This is when alternative and different methods of therapy can play a role in treatment. Art therapy is a method of treatment in which patients channel their urges to use drugs or alcohol and other negative emotions into different forms of art. Just like how narrative psychotherapy works to uncover the negative emotions that can follow individuals into treatment, art therapy works to help patients the same way. There are many forms of art, so there are many types of art therapy programs. These can include but are not limited to:

  •      Sculpting
  •      Painting
  •      Drawing
  •      Dancing
  •      Singing
  •      Acting
  •      Writing poetry of music
  •      Performing music
  •      Cooking
  •      Sewing
  •      Crafting
  •      Woodworking

What are the Benefits of Art Therapy Programs in Addiction Treatment?

One of the best benefits of art therapy programs is that anyone can utilize them. There are so many different methods to choose from that the odds of someone not being able to get anything positive out of an art therapy program are slim to none. Another obvious benefit is that it allows patients to let their creativity flow during their time at treatment. Where they have no voice or wish not to speak, patients can translate into different art forms. Art therapy programs provide a safe and inviting atmosphere where patients in treatment can utilize expression without being too personal or uncomfortable, as they might be in traditional therapy settings. Lastly, using art as a method of uncovering emotions that may not have been accessible through other forms of treatment provides a recovering individual with the means to confront the causes of their own addictions. This is a vital step in rediscovering the self and the importance of recovery throughout the time spent during treatment.

Lighting the Torch of Hope

Not only do art therapy programs provide a way to express emotions related to addiction, but they also allow patients to discover where they would like their lives to go. Addiction is hard, but the human spirit thrives on hope. This hope is what keeps recovering individuals from using on a daily basis. Art is not only an expression of what is past but also what lies ahead. Art therapy programs provide the option for those willing to express their hopes, dreams, and goals for their lives through imaginative imagery.

Getting Treatment that Implements Art Therapy Programs Treatment Center in South Florida believes that there are many methods to treating and healing addiction. To provide for the vast amounts of individuals and their addiction treatment needs, we have come up with a multitude of therapy programs, including art therapy. To see the entirety of programs that we have made available to those enrolled in our treatment programs, please view our website. There, you will also learn about our facility and staff. If you would like to benefit from the advantages of art therapy programs and get help for an addiction, help is available to you right now! Call one of our addiction specialists today to learn more at (800) 232-0657.


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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.